Brand New Day

Tue, Jan 1, 2013

I hope that this site will shortly see some activity in the form of stories. I hope to write one story each month. It’s not a strict schedule by any means and I may not publish entire stories in one go.

I could go for a serialised format if it takes my fancy. It always adds a little excitement knowing that you can’t go back and edit something when you’re half way through a story (then again, the Internet makes anything possible). If people give me feedback, I could write the later parts of stories to include things they’d like to see. I’m sure it will all be very interesting and if anyone other than me actually reads any of this, I will be most heartily and wonderfully surprised.

So, thank you, dear reader, for coming along and giving of your precious time. Do come back and read some more. I’m sure it will get better …

Dear Lord, let it get better.