Sat, Apr 1, 2017

I’ve been working on a secret project since the beginning of December 2016 (or not so secret if you’ve spoken to me for more than five minutes over the last four months). If you’re here today (April Fools Day, 2017), you will be seeing part of that project. Welcome to the redesign of!

The old site had been showing its age and I felt it needed to be refreshed. I’d also been a little unhappy with the ‘writing’ section of that site. Most people never knew it existed, even though it was the only part that got updated (albeit rarely).

With this redesign, I’ve attempted to put the writing first and foremost and the C.V. stuff a bit more out of the way. This is a full-blown blog/writing website now. Of course, if you want to see the C.V. stuff, you can head over to the about section.

The secret project is much more than the website though. It’s a whole new system for doing my writing. Now that I’ve set up the website design and a bunch of other crazy stuff, I can do all my writing in one program that I can use from all my computers. I wrote a lot of programs to do loads of weird stuff that most of you will probably not be that interested in, but I’ll write a long technical post at some point to explain it to those who do.

The main thing to take away from today is that I’ve been working really hard on this stuff for four months now, I do all my writing (including updating this website) from one program, I constructed a portable writing computer just for doing writing on the go, and I’m basically just hoping to get a lot more writing done now that I’ve made it as easy as it possibly could be to do so. I guess time will tell (I’ve made these promises before).

In honour of the new site being launched, I have also completed a short story that I began publishing to the old website over four years ago. It’s come out pretty well, I think. It’s called Soulstice. I can’t believe it’s taken me that long to finish writing it, but I hope you enjoy it now that it’s finally done.

Have a look around. Tell me what you think. Enjoy yourselves!