Story Number Two

Wed, Feb 6, 2013

The second story I’ve been cooking up is not all that different from the first. I mean, the actual story is totally different, but I think it has a similar feel and explores related issues. Dasein was about exploring whether we are real or have free will, but I think the next story, ‘Soulstice,’ is about the ways our existence is affected by free will. The story also tries to explore whether free will is really that important in our lives, or if luck and circumstance play a bigger part.

I’ve struggled a lot with writing this story. A childhood friend of mine passed away over Christmas and the news has stayed on my mind ever since. It made me wonder why, at 29 years old, he is gone and I am here, though we both started life in such similar circumstances. Was it the choices we made? The opportunities we were given? Sheer, undiscerning luck? Maybe a little bit of all of them. All I know is that he was one of my two best friends when we were young and he was a good person. Maybe if some of those choices or opportunities had been swapped between us, our lives would both have been very different. I suppose it’s natural to consider ones own mortality when someone they know dies, but he is the first person I’ve known to have had such a similar start to me and not be here any more. I am deeply sorry for his family and anyone who loved him and I hope that writing this does not tar his memory in any way. Even though I had not seen him in several years, I know I will always think back to when we were children together, and I will miss him.

As I write this, I have only written the first chapter of the story. I am planning to write a few more chapters and release them here. None of the characters in the story are based on myself or my friend. The story is just exploring an idea, it is not autobiographical in any way. I hope you enjoy it.