My Own Private Slice of Interweb

My name is John Urquhart Ferguson and I like to explore my own creativity. I enjoy writing, making films and taking photographs. I enjoy other things as well, but that's enough to be going on with. Have a look around and tell me what you think.

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Photography and Illustration

I very much enjoy drawing and taking photographs. I've tried painting as well but I'm not very good at it. I rather hope that I will get better if I learn to use my graphics tablet instead of real paint, but the results of that will have to wait.

A select number of my photographs and drawings can be seen in the cute little widget over there on the left. It has a button that lets you embiggen it too, or you can click the flickr logo to see my page over at their website.

Film and Animation

I seem to be spend a great deal more time making films and animations than I do completing them. However, if I do make anything worth watching I'll post it here for you to see.

At the moment, there are just three music videos. The first one I made in its entirety for a Zoey Van Goey song (My Aviator). The second one is for a Jo Mango song (The Black Sun) and I did all the visual effects (the birds). The last one is for a Belle & Sebastian song (Your Cover's Blown [Miaoux Miaoux Mix]). I was the visual effects supervisor on that one. I'm working on a web series as well (but hey, who isn't these days?).


I have grown to enjoy writing a great deal over the years. I used to have a love/hate relationship with it. I liked planning for writing and I enjoyed typesetting what I'd written, but I didn't particularly enjoy getting the words out of my head. However, I am now starting to enjoy that part more than anything else and I'd like to devote more of my time to writing.

A brief sampling of my academic writing and fiction is shown below. If you want to see more of my stories, please visit my writing blog: havering.

In my spare time I like to pretend I'm a novelist. I have a few book ideas on the go and I find the work enjoyable. I'm sure one of them will be out any decade now.

I'm also working on a project to write a new short story every month. You can check out my progress over at havering.