Story Number Two

The second story I’ve been cooking up is not all that different from the first. I mean, the actual story is totally different, but I think it has a similar feel and explores related issues. Dasein was about exploring whether we are real or have free will, but I think the next story, ‘Soulstice,’ is about the ways our existence is affected by free will. The story also tries to explore whether free will is really that important in our lives, or if luck and circumstance play a bigger part.

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Dasein - Chapter 5 - Authenticity

“I assume you think of me as unreal,” said the figure. “That I am merely a character from your story. I am sure, then, that it will come as a shock to find out that you are only half correct.” Martin had lost all feeling in his body. All he could do was look on and listen to the figure’s distorted voice. “You see, Martin, I am not real. My actions are not under my control at all.

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Dasein - Chapter 4 - Confrontation

Martin felt his throat become thick and heavy, but managed to open his mouth and confront the killer. “Do not leave,” Martin told the figure. “I am your creator. You have entered into my world and you have no place here. You must not run. I must destroy you before you damage this universe.” The figure began to speak in a distorted voice. It did not come from his mouth. It seemed to come from everywhere.

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Dasein - Chapter 3 - Pursuit

As soon as Martin admitted to himself that he was powerless, he was released. He sat up in bed, waiting to see if he had the will to move around. The restrictions seemed to be gone. He wondered if it was really true though. If he did not have the control to break fictional bonds on him, how could he be sure someone was not controlling him now? Perhaps someone was anticipating all the movements he wanted to make, then making them for him.

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Dasein - Chapter 2 - Invention

Martin sat in his kitchen looking dazed and confused. He coddled his warm mug of coffee in his hands and tried not to think about what was happening. Instead, he tried to think about what he was going to do at the weekend, but immediately felt uneasy. He tried to think of nothing at all and simply stare into space but he could not get the images out of his mind.

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Story Number One

The first story on the website is ‘Dasein.’ I’ll put my cards on the table right away: I wrote this a while ago. Probably six years ago. I was trying to explore some philosophical ideas I’d been reading about and see if I could inspire myself to create something with them for academic purposes. Sadly, I never managed to come up with a really interesting discovery in that area, but I still think this is a fun story.

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Dasein - Chapter 1 - Discovery

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when the present began. It seems easy to remember the past and plan for the future, but when does the current become just a memory? When do your visions of tomorrow have life thrust into them and become the immediate part of your linear existence? Is your experience just a series of present moments or is it the totality of all the moments past?

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Dasein - Preface

A Dasein is a being in the world. The Dasein recognizes the place one has in time and space: that all beings are linked together with their Universe, their Being. They are all part of the one. The Dasein will acknowledge his fate. He knows that he has no will of his own. He is a product of his environment and his Being. The Dasein must be authentic to himself or he will never be at peace.

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Brand New Day

I hope that this site will shortly see some activity in the form of stories. I hope to write one story each month. It’s not a strict schedule by any means and I may not publish entire stories in one go. I could go for a serialised format if it takes my fancy. It always adds a little excitement knowing that you can’t go back and edit something when you’re half way through a story (then again, the Internet makes anything possible).

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Dasein - Dedication

For whoever reads this, my story is dedicated to you. You are likely to be one of a small number of people who will ever find these words, so I thank you for taking the time to do so and for keeping my characters alive.

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